Side Bar: Aries Szn

March was—very march like. Which for me means a lot of energy, ups, and some downs. Always. March is my bday month and when I was little, I think up until I went to college I used to get really sick around my bday. Like clockwork. So there was always some melancholy around my bday of not always feeling the best.

This year’s drama was that I accidentally exposed Javert to lilies which are fatally poisonous to cats and he had to spend a night at the hospital. I was a wreck. Even though the prognosis was good (thankfully the flowers were still bulbs so not a lot of pollen got to him) but I was crying nonstop. I was also (unfairly) annoyed that no one could pronounce his name. I never thought it would be so difficult for people–it’s French! lol

Thankfully he is ok other than being a little mad at me when he came home. He is more than ok now.

That really put a damper on all my birthday plans. I did buy a few things but otherwise kept it chill.

Work has also been intense. There’s just a ton of coordinating and managing that happens and it all feels high stakes. Most days I could easily work into the night but I’m trying to manage that too. Thankfully, work has never gone back to as intense as it was March/April/May of 2020 (not just covid, but census). So I try to not complain because I know there could be a lot more urgent issues all at once. I remember back then a highlight of my weekend is that I put a shoe rack together because literally that was the only thing I was able to do that was not work related. Things are better lol

A real work highlight though was Women’s History Month! A fun “little” reception for 300 people that we pulled off pretty successfully!

A non-work highlight was getting to collab with Voto Latino to speak on a panel about student loans with Senator Schumer. Here’s to loan cancellation in 2022!

Oh and another month highlight is that I’ve really been stepping it up in terms of sleeping enough. You know I’m a night owl so I can easily stay up to 1am but I’ve been forcing (literally) myself to get to bed by 10:30 and I’m not hating it… Let’s see how long I can keep that going…

Ok–the reason that you’re here. My Faves!

  1. Victoria’s Secret Perfume–I used to wear “very sexy” RELIGIOUSLY in college (the name is ridiculous) but for some reason I remembered it and ordered this in December and it was backordered until March. I legit would never imagine there’s a demand for it. But it is a really nice scent. I’m very happy with this impulse purchase.
  2. Modern Picnic lunch bag–I needed something sturdy to take my lunch to work and that was easy to transport. This is a little over the top but it’s super cute, satisfies my bamboo handle cravings, and is big enough for a large salad. 
  3. Mejuri simple hoops–I’ve been living in these simple hoop earrings. They are understated but add a little bit of polish to work outfits. 
  4. Fun pens–I love novelty pens and yes, I’m using a pig pen at work. They are super cute but also the tip of the pen and ink (so smooth, ugh) is my favorite type of pen style. They’re cute and fun, we should all live a little!
  5. Basic Ts from target. Ok I may have gone overboard because I normally don’t “buy one in every color” when I like something but it may be because it’s been so hard to find clothes that aren’t lounge wear for work that I went bananas. But basically I bought A New Day basic T and each time I’ve gone back to Target I’ve picked up another color. But these are so great for work-looks great under a blazer or without, you could prob dress them down as well. Completely recommend and they’re super affordable.