Side Bar: March Madness

Truly, Madness. It was a whirlwind of a month with E moving and getting everything prepped for that, but here are the highlights:

  1. Vacation in Puerto Vallarta. I mean, Mexico is beautiful, the beach is amazing, food is delicious, and you can’t beat sitting just a few feet away from the water while drinking fruity cocktails all day.

2. At the beach I read White Fragility: Why it’s so Hard for White People to Talk about Racism by Robin DiAngelo and it is a must read. I have recommended it to so many colleagues and took so many notes—eye opening and had me yelling “aha!” at the beach because it made sense of so many of my interactions at work/professional settings.

3. Work is work-hectic, busy, lots of people coming and going…it’s part of the package honestly, I’m used to it by now but that doesn’t mean that it’s not time-consuming and stressful. While I never felt like it was a problem to bring work home with me, I have found that I’m doing that less so that I can focus on things at home and that has felt nicer. (who would have thought lol). But I know it’s temporary because there is always another deadline down the pike that may require off hours…c’est la vie of a lawyer.

4. I spoke at the Illinois Latino Law Student Association’s annual pre-law conference. I loved meeting so many students afterwards–it’s inspiring to see how motivated they are in reaching their goals. I tried to be as truthful and honest about the process as possible. Which included me wearing my “second class intellect” t-shirt because I will never allow the insult hurled at Justice Sotomayor be forgotten.

5. And then to pack more into my month, it was also my birthday. I’m lucky to have friends/family in my life that really take the time to acknowledge me on that day. I know bdays aren’t everyone’s thing but for me it’s a sweet and simple way to acknowledge someone. Technically Mexico was my bday gift but we also ended it with an amazing dinner at Cafe Babareeba. I know, I go there all the time for my bday (what can I say, I like what I like!)–but it was sooooo decadent and delicious.

6. Finally, I started adding another step to my morning skincare routine–boscia’s rosehip omega face oil before my regular moisturizer. I have found it makes my skin a little more supple but not overly dewy. It’s pricy so I don’t know yet if it’ll be a repurchase but I do really like this new addition.

Ok so all together it doesn’t seem like mayhem but with packing and open houses/showings, it feels like it! Hopefully April is a little calmer.