Sidebar: Booked and Busy

That is how I would define February. I’m booked and hella busy in all arenas of life. Which is good, because that is always good but it is also stressful.

Work has been busy like normal but there has been added work because one of the staff attorneys I supervise left so I have a few more added cases. There’s not a ton of work to do on them (like urgent deadlines) but adding more to your caseload is always stressful. I’ve also done a lot of extra work in terms of committees and projects outside of my direct rep that has been time consuming and mentally exhausting. It’s one of the first times I’m seeing (feeling) how tiring emotional labor can be when it comes to fighting for diversity from the inside. Additionally, basically all but one of my friends has left to greener pastures so it’s a little different now. I used to be able to head to someone’s office or pick up the phone to kvetch about things but not it’s super limited. And I’m definitely the type of person that needs to assess and walk through things so that has been stifling but nothing some good happy hours don’t cure!

Ha! I almost forgot to mention that I went to DC! It was a blur but I did get to see the Obamas and that was all I could hope for.

Part of my work also includes my writing and this site. I’ve really been enjoying writing the column for Remezcla. It makes me think beyond the normal remedies that I work with at my day job and it’s letting me learn about current litigation and the immigration reform movement that I’m normally not involved in (because of my job’s restrictions) so that is exciting. And even more exciting for me, is that I’m making moves to strengthen this site, the brand, and the services offered. To be honest, I’ve always been hesitant about making things official because I question like who am I to give advice and try to create change? But I’m kind of done questioning what value I bring to this because I feel a real joy from helping people in different stages of their law school and professional career. And now that I’ve been on both sides of the equation–from a prelaw student to someone who hires young professionals as they start their legal career–I want to keep empowering others and realize I need to put the right support behind this labor of love. What does that mean? Lots of things, but rather than bore you with details, I just wanted to share that I’m excited for the next few projects coming down the pike. Yay!

And then, as if things couldn’t be more hectic things outside of work are even busier b/c…I’m moving! There’s like a lot happening, but essentially in the next few months (or however quickly my house sells) I’ll be moving to a smaller place in the city while my husband starts a job that requires a lot of travel. We love (LOVE) our house, (hello we built it from the ground up!) but it’s a lot of house and we took stock and realized it didn’t make sense to kind of hoard this space when I would be the only one there most of the time. I’m sure in time I will be in a glass case of emotions, but in the meantime, I’m focused on getting the house sold, fast. We worked hard to get it in order and staged in like one weekend. We’ve already had an open house! So you can see, things are a little busy over here.

New reading nook

With all of that, my skin case been surprisingly well-behaved. My skin care routine has been pretty normal, but I finally re-purchased and started using my argan oil again, love, love it. And it has felt so good on my skin.

As for my fave makeup right now–I re-discovered the milani holigraphic lid shadows. They are perfect for Friday. I come home, dab a little on and it transforms it to a really sparkly, bright eye for night.

Sooo–what was your February like?