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Side Bar: We Outside

June was filled with nonstop activity. Though it started with me catching Covid so the first week I was quarantining at home. Thankfully, because I’m vaxxed and boosted, the symptoms were pretty mild. The worst of it was the first few days (an intense cough, shortness of breath, sinus pressure) but after it was mostly just a cough. I’m really glad because it could have been way worse (esp those with long-term symptoms). Wear a mask, ppl! I got a little too relaxed I’m certain that’s why I caught it.

Aside from Covid, the month was filled with events. I was healthy enough to walk the Puerto Rican Parade, which is always fun. And I was part of my first Pride Parade (ever) and got to ride the float. It was so much fun, even though I ended up with a farmer’s tan.

I feel like the month was filled with things to do but it was all centered around work, so I’m going to try to make July a little but more life-oriented rather than just work. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, my favorite things this month—

* My Daily Harvest subscription. I know there’s lots of drama right now with the lentil thing, but I only ever get the smoothies from them and they are so yum and so good. It’s part of my breakfast routine and I love it. I do 6 items per week and it’s really easy to pause or skip a week if needed. More adventurous palettes than mine have a lot of smoothie options, but I stick with the same 6 because they’re a good mix of water-based and milk-based that I can choose from.

If you want to try here is a code for $40 off your first box: RE-RY87DYK. I only get something if you actually subscribe.

*Kiss press on nails, the Bare but Better line. Natural looking press ons are hard to find. These looked really cute and lasted forever. Will definitely repurchase.

* Rare Beauty Concealer. Ok so I tried all the various foundation samples I had on hand a few weeks ago. When I got to Rare Beauty, I didn’t read the label and used the concealer as foundation. Whoops, but it was surprisingly good. So good, I had to go get the full size to use as a concealer and I love it.


* Marc Jacobs, The Camera Bag. OMG, so when I want out with friends this month one of them had The Camera Bag and I could NOT stop staring and asking about it. It just looked so perfect, but in size and how much it holds. So I went for it. I got the light tan color and it looks so good! It fits so much and has become my parade bag (b/c the life I live, apparently that is a necessity).