Sidebar: It’s been a year or, I’m back bb!


So, for my ride and dies, I’m so sorry we’ve had such a long pause on the sidebar series. It’s been a minute. For those that are new, sidebar is just way fo me to share some (usually fun) updates on my life. I like giving this peek into my month to month because I find it less likely for people to take guidance and advice from some rando. It’s also fun to get to know each other this way!

But having said that, you probably noticed sidebar stopped around March and that is because I was in a weird spot that was not super easy for me to describe. Mostly, I had a lot of twists and turns at my old job that made me seriously consider a job change, which I had never before considered. But one of the things I kept thinking was my own advice (which we so often fail to take) and my assessment of the ability to grow. If I’m being blunt, which I am because I can be, the writing for me was on the wall as to my growth potential. I loved the work, the clients, etc but in terms of next level it was clear that was done. But it was hard to leave something that was comfortable. Yet, here I was preaching the importance of being uncomfortable. So I decided it was time because more than anything, I value our connections and wanted to be honest with you. And it would be a disservice if I said do X when I didn’t have the courage to do it myself. So thank you, queridas, for giving me the animo to move on.

So that’s what happened, I looked until I found the right spot for me and left in incredibly good terms (and do miss my agency and direct rep frequently) but am super happy in my new gig. Now, obviously I don’t want to give away too many details about this new job out of respect to the office and my desire to keep it as separate as possible. But I will say that it is completely different than anything I’ve done before; it is super challenging but rewarding, and I’m really excited about the projects and potential work I will get to do. I did have to put a pause on my Remezcla column (so sad about that!) for this new job, but have found new ways to continue my writing.

I started my new job in July, about a week after, I moved into my apartment. I had to say goodbye to my beautiful home in Humboldt Park and start a new adventure of solo living. So you can see why things were intense, in terms of time. I’ve settled into my new place and am happy with this change! Starting a new job is a massive change, but moving as well adds to that further!

What else have I been up to? I have doubled down on my skincare, especially my eye care, because I am usually very tried and don’t want that to cause signs of aging #priorities.

Oh, and Latinas Uprising turned 5!! The party made my heart so happy! It was incredible to see such a mix of mujeres (and some dudes) supporting this work. It was at Simone’s Bar in Pilsen and I was so proud to be able to host something like this because low-key I really hesitated to do something like this before for fear that exactly 0 people would show up lol.

I would post more pics but a major milestone is that I broke my iphone in August. The first time I’ve ever majorly damaged a phone and I completely lost everything. I try to not think about it because otherwise I’ll start to sob.

I continue to be excited about the future of this community and the projects we’ll get to do together. How was the rest of your year and what are you excited about in 2020?