Sidebar: It’s Cold AF

I can’t believe January is over. It felt like it lasted forever, which I think January usually feels long but also had a super busy time at work that just made this month dragggg on forever.

What didn’t help was that my two best friends at work left. #everybodyleavesme. I have only one left and that makes me super sad. So I had two going away parties to attend, one at the beginning of the month and one about a week ago. They have moved on to bigger and better things, but that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it lol.

both parties randomly ended up at Old Crow

Work in general has been steady, but I am mostly adjusting to being a supervisor. Being a lawyer generally is independent work. And as a senior attorney, I rarely needed input about strategy or much interaction with peeps. But now? Oh my lord, it’s just a frenzy of questions and guidance. It has definitely made me adjust my approach to things. Work on my patience, which I very much struggle with and something else: microaggressions that come with new positions of authority. I’m learning to manage that, to not react, to act strategically, etc. but it’s a new challenge y’all.

Caffeine gets me through work days

Outside of work we had some family visit (before it become crazy cold) and I, like the entire nation, was swept up in Mari Konodo craze. I KonMari’d most of my house these past few weekends. We’re looking to declutter and downsize a ton in the months ahead, so it just made sense to get it started now. It was super therapeutic and it helped me realize how much stuff I have that I love. Ha! Isn’t that the opposite of this? Like we’re supposed to realize we have too much? Not me. I was so happy to re-discover a bunch of books and possessions that kind of got lost in the shuffle of our move a year and half ago.


Other fun things include Concha Day, meeting new friends, and writing a lot. a lot. My column with Remezcla went live and the biggest accomplishment for the month is that I finally submitted a proposal I’ve been working on (procrastinating on) forever. It felt good to get it submitted!

hot chocolate with a new friend/connect <3

What are some things you’re happy about doing this past month?

Ok, now the good stuff:

Of course during the polar vortex or whatever it is that we experienced the only make up I was using was vaseline to protect me from the dry, harsh wind. But before then, I kind of stumbled onto the Maybelline lippies a few months ago. I had tried them before, didn’t love the colors I picked, started seeing them again so tried it again (ha, I am a marketer’s dream). Anyway, I have like five? And my go to for work has been. I use it for work and it lasts ALL day. Seriously. Often I use it as a base and throw another lippie on top and that helps it last all day as well. So definitely a current fave.

And skin, omg just this winter dryness is insane! So, part of the decluttering effort I am using up samples I have that tend to take up space but don’t used a ton. I picked up the laniege water sleeping mask in some sample set. It looks  teeny but I’ve been using it almost every night this month. It’s right up my alley–not too thick or greasy, no scent, very moisturizing, and helps skin feel nice and supple. Def recommend.

What do you use to not feel miserable from this weather?