Sidebar: So Many Parties

August was a whirlwind. There was a lot of events left and right, both at work and home.

At work, we had like a million going away parties–ok, just four, but still a massive amount. We’ve had a lot of turnover lately for various reasons and of course that means we have goodbye parties for everyone.

And while I like all my coworkers, just like Animal Farm, some are more liked than others lol #kanyeshrug. Meaning, I was really bummed when one of them left b/c we were work buds. But that is the life of legal aid–people come and go all the time. In the meantime, I super enjoyed all the happy hours.

Outside of parties, I had an overnight trip to S. Illinois at the beginning of the month. This was for migrant outreach–we go to different places in Illinois looking for migrant workers to inform them of their rights and check to make sure their work/living conditions are legit. The long car rides are exhausting, but it’s still nice to get out and do direct client work. Plus, I like to think our group learned outreach from the best so we know all the good lunch spots 😉

Life outside of work was also super busy! First, my mom and aunt visited for a weekend, which was really nice. Then I got to see Beyonce again. I love her. Just no words at how great she is…

The concert fell on E’s birthday so we also had to celebrate that. We went to our fave Mexican restaurant, Adobo Grill. It’s so decadent! Everything there is delicious, but I tried the shrimp tacos for the first time–it came with tamarindo sauce and I wish I could replicate that at home (I have tried, but not successfully lol).

At the end of the month, we celebrated out ninth anniversary. eep! lol Nine years is a long time!

Ok–monthly faves!

Skincare–I started adding Lancome’s comfort toner to my night routine. I normally don’t use toner at all because I have dry skin and most astringent toners just strip my skin of moisture and are way too drying. I received this to try through influenster and was a little hesitant. But it’s sooo nice! Unlike any toner I’ve used before because it’s gel-like, creamy, and actually feels nice on the skin. Not drying at all. It’s great and a full size comes with a ton of product.

Makeup–I just can’t seem to get enough gloss! I have a few deluxe glosses from Buxom. They are a bit peppermint-y (supposed to help plump your lips), but I really like how non-sticky they are and it gives my mattes just enough shine (so great for the summer!).

In action:

I can’t believe that summer is winding down! And that we didn’t go on any vacation! It’s kind of sad, really. Hopefully we find our way somewhere this fall.