Sidebar: Summer is Over

Sidebar is a new way to give you a little more personal peek into my life so that we can get to know each other a little more! Especially because I always find it easier to believe and take advice from someone when you actually know them as a person rather than just a semi-anonymous voice behind a blog.  I’m excited to share more about my day-to-day practice as well as life outside the law!

I feel like I’ve never gotten out of feeling like I live an academic cycle because of the fact that I work with students in the summer. Once they’re gone I know my summer is over.  Cue my tears…

So, summer is over, but I had a fun August! I got my hair re-highlighted and seriously if you’re considering some form of hair alteration, but are too scared to do it–go for it! Highlighting my hair (and this sounds dramatic, but I’m dramatic) was life-changing! No se, when I first did it over a year ago, it changed my demeanor, my confidence, etc etc. and I know it’s just hair color, but life is short and little things like this make a big difference. Of course, you should know that this is coming from someone who never lets anyone cut her hair and a “wild” style consists of dying it a natural color and only going as short as my shoulders lol  #basic.


Aside from my hair upkeep, which apparently is getting top billing here, August is super important in my household. We celebrated my husband’s birthday and visited family in Indy.

Indy was really nice even though we only stayed for a night. We got to hang out with my nieces who are so cute and we celebrated my husband’s bday Mexican-style. Though he was saved from the dreaded mordida.  They kept chanting it but enough people told him not to do it so everyone got to enjoy cake instead with a side of tequila shots because I’m going to keep it real and that’s basically all we drink during these get togethers. 🙂



More importantly, we celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary in August! Which, btw, the traditional gifts for 7th anniversary is wool or copper and that sounds about right. Seven years y’all. We’ve had a ton of changes this year too–he got a new job, we sold the condo I loved and moved five houses up the street, and we added a new kitty.  If you know me then you know I’m OBSESSED with my two cats. They are my children and I’ll fight you over that. Anyway, Cici was a stray we picked up last fall and she has been a handful. It’s taken a lot of adjustment, but she’s here to stay & I love her! So pretty eventful, but I will say that I don’t feel like we’ve been married that long, which I think is a good thing.


proof that I am crazy about these cat babies!


IMG_3279 (1)
anniversary 2 or 3–baby faces for sure! <3


Since we went to Italy in July we’re not doing any big trip/purchases for our anniversary. Instead, we exchanged incredibly useful, not romantic gifts–very much screams: seven years. I got a really awesome JBL portable speaker that I LOVE and he got new tools to help when he’s wearing his landlord hat.  Exciting stuff. 🙂

And work has been pretty good–a lot of finishing up assignments now that my intern left but at least there aren’t any major deadlines. I’m also closing cases left and right suddenly, which is major in my work because my cases tend to stay open for at least two or three years. This may be normal for litigators, but the backlog for my administrative petitions is crazy-long so anytime I can close a case it’s time to celebrate.  One of my faves is leaving and I’m so sad about it! It took so long for me to warm up to people so for her to leave really sucks. We did at least have one last outreach this past week.

Traveling throughout Illinois for migrant outreach.
finding proof of migrant workers. This was in the middle of an empty field.

So even though summer is over, I’m excited for September and a few new projects in the horizon. How did your summer go?


  • Ariana

    Not gonna lie, all I got from this whole post is that your hair looks BOMB.

    jk, I also loveeeeeeed all the personal updates! Congrats of the move; can’t wait to the next side bar (because I refuse to get Snapchat so I don’t get these glimpses)

    • latinasuprising

      haha thanks! I was really impressed with the colorist because it was her first time doing my hair! Talk about being nervous!