Sidebar: What Just Happened?

Thankful this month is over. I went in with such high expectations. And, well, dot dot dot.


November 9th was the worst day of my career. I’ve often dealt with clients calling in fear after hearing about raids or rumors in their communities, but this was so different. It was gut-wrenching. It was the end of hope. No reform, no protection, no rights. It’s still so hard to think about.

But this has also been a catalyst. I am changing some formats here to better serve my readers and community.

First, in 2017, I will go to two post a week instead of three. This will allow me to do more writing focused on issues beyond law school/lawyering on platforms beyond mine. I’m really excited about that, and hope that 2017 results in more freelance work on topics that impact our community.

Second, I’m changing the FAQs about this site’s mission. Latinas Uprising is always about getting Latinas through higher Ed and achieving their career goals–that won’t change. But when I started this site, I was committed to being nonpartisan. And while I doubt I will ever endorse specific candidates, I just don’t feel comfortable not being vocal about certain policies and events. Basically, I was being progressive while claiming I wasn’t, and I don’t want to do that. I know that may turn away some readers with more conservative backgrounds, but my conscience won’t let me pretend that I’m on the fence about certain issues. I always support my beliefs and won’t hold back for fear of alienating others. Sorry not sorry.

So that’s the deal with this site. I’m actually super excited about these small changes!

Aside from that, my actual day job has been busy. There’s been a lot of changes in-house and I’m doing more and more employment work which is interesting, but also frustrating. Like one minute I think I understand the standards and the next I’m super confused. I also got in a few big wins! The main one being an asylum case that I filed a million years ago. A major victory for me (and like, the client lol)!

Of course, I celebrated by buying makeup because that’s what I do. That milani palette has been a monthly fave for sure. The colors are peak thanksgiving and look great on brown skin.


I’ve also been reaching for Origins soothing hydration mask as my overnight cream because wow does my skin get dry at the hint of winter. I usually resort to a night oil to keep my skin hydrated, but this cream has been a really nice alternative. And I finally jumped on the micellar cleansing water wagon and I love it!!


Outside of work wins, I have to say that I’m so thankful for a local agency in the city that hosted a Day of the Dead celebration on November 10th. It was exactly what I needed. It was soul-soothing to be with other Latinas celebrating their work and our struggles.


Finally, the four day break from work was really awesome because my bestie in life visited from Texas and took me as her date to TWO weddings. It was a happy coincidence that both weddings were Hindu, so I got to experience really beautiful, gorgeous traditions two nights in a row. It was actually a cathartic way to end a horrible month.


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