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    Are you ready? Things to ask yourself if you’re interested in the law

    There is a never-ending flow of advice about law school (hello, exhibit A is this blog). But a lot of the advice, as we’ve shared, often fails to take into account the circumstances that many Latinas experience that make their decision to go to law school the right step for them. We’ve shared before why it’s important to ignore bad advice, why you have the skills to be a lawyer, but what else should you be asking yourself before you take the big leap?   One. What’s my motivation? I am one of the weird zealots in the profession that feel being a lawyer is a calling. We should be…

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    Summer Series: From Imposter to Empowered

    Welcome to another Summer Series post. Summer Series allows us to hear from Lawtinas from around the country sharing their summer with us—we’ll hear from pre-law students, law grads prepping for the bar, and rising 2Ls/3Ls in their summer internships. Today we hear from Angelica Austrich, a risking 2L in New York. Not only did she come to the states from the DR to study law and had to adjust to culture shock but she also scored an immensely cool and empowering summer gig with Congressman Espaillat’s office! Here is her journey, so far…   One of the statistics that sticks with us is knowing that only 2% of the…

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    Summer Series: Getting Thrown into the Fire.

    Another Summer Series post! Summer Series showcases different experiences of Lawtinas throughout the country, whether they be pre-laws, law grads, or rising 2L/3Ls. This helps show all the diverse work and experiences that come with working in the law and through law school. Today we hear from Rachelle Ramirez, a rising 2L, who recently conquered her first year and is now experiencing her first legal summer. We’ve all heard horror stories about law school. Getting cold-called when you haven’t read a single case in the last week or when you fail the class you thought you had in the bag. But what really worried me the most was the search…

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    Summer Series: Navigating the Legal World as a First Generation Woman of Color.

    I am thrilled to kick off our seventh (!!) summer guest post series! Summer Series is a way for us to learn from Lawtinas throughout the country. They share their summer experiences whether it’s an internship, prepping for the bar, or getting ready for law school, its a great way to get a glimpse of array of work available within the legal industry and to see that while it can often feel like we’re alone in this process there are many of us, all across the nation, who are going through this similar journey. And so today, I’m so happy to introduce you to Bianca Ybarra, a law grad who…

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    Goal-Getter: On Setting Goals as a New Attorney

    We’ve discussed goal setting before (a lot!) but today I wanted to share a little more on why goal-setting is so important, especially when you’re new. Because when you’re a new attorney and new to the professional world, it’s easy to think that your firm or boss will always keep your career growth in mind. And some might! Some firms are really good at performance evaluation and career development, but your career is too important to leave in the hands of others. It’s important to set long-term and short term goals for yourself so that regardless of what your firm does or doesn’t do, you are developing as an attorney…

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    Law Student Don’ts: Mistakes to Avoid as a Law Student

    I’ve spoken often about how weird law school is and how common culture shock can be—and that’s because not only is the Law a foreign concept but the process of law school itself is also really weird. And it can be easy to stumble, especially when you’re new or when you’re not event sure of what are the expectations. In fact, that’s how I feel I went through law school—one stumble after the next and thankfully I never fell flat on face enough to not get back up, but it doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be that difficult. You shouldn’t feel like you’re fumbling in the dark to figure out…

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    When Misunderstandings Feel Like Accusations

    I remember the first time I was accused of wrong-doing in law school and how enraged I felt. When I was weeks away from ending my first year of law school, one of the editors for one of the journals emailed me and unceremoniously told me they were rejecting my application and then offered me the “advice” to be honest in my resume going forward. It was a complete shock to my system. I was incredulous and shocked, how could they accuse me of lying on my resume of all things?! So, as a true aries, I pushed back, hard. Demanding meetings and clarifications and probably made enough of a…

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    Who is the Imposter? Not You.

    I recently read a new article from Harvard Business Review discussing how imposter syndrome is often blamed for our self doubt and lack of growth in our career, but that ignores outside factors (i.e. work culture) that actually influences your growth, more than your own confidence in abilities. Essentially, the report lays out that everyone—everyone—experiences doubt when they are starting something new, but most work environments are structured so that it tends to help one group of workers over others. Meaning, men may feel self-doubt but are given access to mentors and sponsors, both formally and informally, to help them grow and feel more secure in their work. So as…

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    Bounce Back: Saving your GPA after 1L Year

    So, I love this community because I posted this on Insta and how excited I was to have other low-ranked law graduates represented in the White House. That’s my type! Mostly joking (I have no clue if MY PRESIDENT graduated in the bottom half of his class, but if he did, then I’m in good company). The reality is that I STRUGGLED my 1L year and when grades came out, I was disappointed but not surprised that I didn’t do so hot. More Bs and Cs than I had expected. I really didn’t know what to do, I was to embarrassed to go to the TAs and didn’t even know…

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    Make or Break: Summer Job Search

    On top of finals, and memos, and the holidays, and next semester (anything else? A pandemic?), it’s also time to start your job search for next summer. I want to emphasize here, especially for those that didn’t grow up with parents in professional jobs, just how normal it is in this industry to apply for jobs that start six months from now. When I started law school, my only work experience was hourly work in retail/restaurants. The kind that hired you on the spot or a few weeks after you submitted an application. It was completely new to me that anyone would hire anyone for a job that started months…