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Nude Lipsticks for Work

So in case you don’t know this—I’ve always been a makeup fanatic, but I didn’t turn into a full blown product junkie until I started studying for the Bar. That’s when I discovered Youtube gurus and it’s been hell on my bank account ever since.

However, one big mistake I’d make is that I’d see a pretty shade on someone and go get the same thing—not thinking about how that shade may not work for my skin tone #rookiemistake. So when I started working full-time, I finally made it a point to buy nudes that were actually Nude For Me, which as a brown girl, is really important to take your skin tone into account.

nude lipsticks for work

I tend to wear mostly nudes and neutrals at work because (as I’ve said before) it’s all about work culture and makeup at my agency is very low-maintenance to non-existent for most people. But like, I’m not NOT going to wear makeup so I’ve found that nudes are a happy middle that’s not overwhelming or distracting.

With that said—these are my current favorite nude lipsticks:

nude lipsticks for work

YSL runs about $34 (mine was a Xmas gift) and it’s super slick and shiny. The staying power isn’t fantastic, but the packaging is so luxe that you don’t really mind reapplying. I really only wear this for super professional occasions, like mega important events or the few times I’ve been on camera for trainings, etc.

L’Oreal does a great series with women of different skin complexions that helps you figure out what color is best for you. I’m actually darker than JLo, but I always have mega nude lip envy with her so I tend to grab her colors over the others. This nude is a little more transparent than others, but I really like it and it works for an everyday lip.

Wet n Wild’s 902c has a cult following (it’s a dupe for a MAC), and it’s like $2, so there you go. But even if it wasn’t a dupe, these Megalast lipsticks are so amazing. They are thick, creamy, and have long lasting power. I like to mix it with a light gloss and it’s a perfect nude.

Bite in Musk is a recent fave. I went to a Sephora class with a friend and we tried on different lip product for our skin tones and I really like the formula and color of Musk. It’s $24 for a single lipstick, but if you wait for the holidays they tend to sell mini lippies as stocking stuffers, so I did that and got a dual lipstick of Musk and Retsina for only $12!

Finally, I wear Nyx in London almost every day. London is almost literally the color of my lips and when I wear it you can’t even tell I have anything on my lips because it’s a very soft (velvet) matte shade. So why wear it? Because it’s a perfect base that has enough sticking power (without being sticky) that it adheres any other color I place on top of it. So it’s like my own rigged version of a stain. Any lipstick I wear with London underneath will legit last past lunch. It’s awesome.

What are your favorite lip colors for work?


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