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A (1/2) Decade of Latinas Uprising

It’s kind of exciting that we’re entering a new decade right? I think because I’m working on census 2020 stuff all the time at my new job that I’m very aware of this decennial time frame and how much changes in ten years.  But this time around, I am a little more relaxed than times past where I had a set timeline of accomplishments and milestones I wanted to work towards. In 2010, my only goal was to graduate law school, pass the bar, and find a full time job as an attorney.  I can say that decade really delivered. Not only did I become a lawyer, I laid a foundation for a pretty exciting career (so far) and so I’m excited for whatever is to come–especially because I’m giving myself permission to think beyond “just” lawyering and hope that I push myself to build and try new things. Vamos a ver!

Whatever is to come, I plan on Latinas Uprising being alongside me and am eager to build upon this platform and provide even more guidance to Lawtinas on all levels in their careers. I want to share some of the more popular posts from the past five years. Please read, share, and tell me–did any of them strike a chord with you way back when you read it?

  1. Prepping for Your 1L Week–some pointers on things to prepare for as you begin your 1L year. Things I wish I had known that not knowing made my life much more complicated.
  2. Bar Exam Study Material–Yes, you need tape! And markers, and more pens than you can imagine! Bar prep is like nothing you’ve experienced before. It’s scary but planning makes it easier.
  3. Three Harsh Truths Before the Bar Exam–Sometimes harsh truths are things you need to hear to keep your eye on the prize.
  4. I Roll My Rs: Honoring Your Identity–There is a big push in this still conservative industry for us to acclimate and eliminate cultural identifiers. But there’s power in holding true to who we are.
  5. Law School Culture Shock–Recognizing and understanding the new cultural you’re embarking as you begin law school.
  6. Hidden Figures, on White Feminism and Leadership–A perfect example of the struggles women of color experience when trying to find kinship within feminist circles.
  7. Why is Law School Terrible? –It’s not you, it’s the weird af system
  8. Does Rank Matter?–What rank is, why it matters, and how you should use it.
  9. Gender Roles in the Courtroom and Harnessing Your Power–Dealing with expected gender roles in your work is difficult enough but adding them into your courtroom work can be doubly difficult. The article instead asks you to consider how you gain your own power and authority rather than worrying about expectations placed on us as women.
  10. Am I Dumb? Surviving Microaggressions–No matter how smart and capable, you’ll experience a moment when people question your talents and skills based on their own short-sighted beliefs.  You can’t let it get you down.