Law School

Don’t let law school take your joy!

Around this time each year I share this post. But a lot of time has passed since the original and I thought an update was warranted.

For law students, as you try to enjoy your time off, I know that for many there will be a little voice in your head reminding you about your grades. And reminding you about a tough question and how you’re not sure about your answer. Or you’ll agonize over the question you didn’t get to because of time…

What if your grades are bad? What if you don’t grade on to journal? What if you can’t apply to the job you want?

It’s nerve-wracking! I remember how anxious I would get and distracted even though I was back home and away from the law school bubble. And while I don’t have a magic solution to not stress over the unknown, what I do know is that you have to take proactive measure to stop law school and its processes from taking away any more of your happiness and time.

In those times where I keep thinking about what I’m sure is inevitable bad news rather than dwell on it, I think about time beyond it because imagining the good things that are to come can mitigate the anxiety of pending grades.

And yes, grades will come and you’ll have to deal with them (good or bad) but until then enjoy being away from law school–spend time with family and with yourself–rest (please!), read, lounge, whatever you want! I promise that this semester’s grade will be a blip in your long career. And regardless of how things shake out you will continue to grow and improve.

Go have fun! F them grades!