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My Nightstand Routine

The thing about me is that I love routines. And routines within routines? Omg, forget it! I think the stability of it really scratches some itch in my brain. So of course, I have a nightstand routine that I totally recommend.

What is a nightstand routine? It’s simply items I keep on hand that I use before bed but if you’re a night owl, like me, then little things that help my brain underscore that it’s time for sleep help me not just scroll on my phone until 1 am (which of course I never do 😬).


Here is what I keep on hand:

  1. St. Jane’s Body Serum. This is a little high end for a night oil, but since I only use it at night for my hands I’m getting my money’s worth. I prefer this to lotions both because of the packaging and the type of hydration it provides. It has CBD oil which also helps with easing into sleep.
  2. Supergoop lip balm. I have a regular lip mask but I keep this (on both sides of my bed) because it is so hydrating, has no flavor, and isn’t sticky. I reached for this any time my lips feel a little dry, which happens often in the winter months.
  3. A carafe of water. Ok, yes you can just keep a regular water bottle on the stand but I life the carafe, not only is it cute but it stops me from chugging too much water at bedtime. I take one small cup and another in the morning. I like room temperature because ice water is too cold for me when I’m sleeping. Also, when I have asthma flare ups, I have to sit up anyway so I prefer a small cup over a big bottle.
  4. Pacifica’s lavender and rose pillow mist. Just a few sprays on the pillow before settling in helps me relax and helps set the tone for bed time.
  5. Christian Dior cuticle cream. Ok, again a little bougie, I’ll give you that and you can adjust to what’s comfortable for you, but as someone who was a notorious nail biter, cuticle picker for many years (or maybe still…) have a nice cream specific to my cuticles has resulted in a major improvement.

Afterwards, I try to put the phone away, put on my trusty eye mask and go to sleep. Sometimes the phone wins, if I’m being honest, but when I follow these steps and get into the zone of “it’s time for bed” it’s easier for me to switch off.

If you are one of the lucky ones that gets up easily in the morning or doesn’t struggle with a second wind in the evening that keeps you up then–congrats! How does it feel to be so favored?! But fellow night owls, try a mini-routine and see if that helps make a difference!