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Emergency Kit for Work

When you start working full-time you quickly realize just how many hours you will spend at your desk. Because we devote so much time to our work life, it’s important to make things as comfortable as possible.  Aside from comfort, it’s always good to be prepared in case emergencies arise so that you’re not scrambling to look appropriate.  Yes, by emergency I mean not emergencies at all, rather minor inconveniences.  But, believe me–when you’re about to give a presentation to a bunch of attorneys and you realize your nails are all chipped, you’re going to wish you had something to remedy this problem!  I started keeping a stash of “emergency” items, and it has made life much easier.  Do you have a stash?  What do you keep at work?

EMERGENCY kit for work


Here are my recommendations of what to keep:

One. A travel size stick of deodorant.  Better safe than sorry!

Two. Band-aids and blister pads.  I’m so tender-footed that I keep  because blisters are a given whenever I use a new pair of shoes. I also realized that the cute Cynthia Rowley printed band-aids cost the same as the others and let’s face it–regular bandaids don’t always look like our skin tone, so why not add a little pizzazz to a stinging paper cut or other injury?

Three. Painkillers–whatever your preference.  I tend to keep a travel tube of Advil and a bottle of Midol in my desk.

Four.  Nail polish removal pads.  By the end of the week a lot of my polish has chipped and sometimes it’s not a big deal, but on days where I have a presentation or suddenly need to go to court, I can quickly remove all polish so that I have clean nails rather than look sloppy with bad polish.  Plus, the pads take up less space, are discreet, and aren’t as smelly as liquid.

Five.  Eye drops.  What a relief around 3pm!

Six.  Tide pen.  It seems that some men can walk around with coffee stains on their shirts and they’re just considered aloof, but let a lady have a stain and suddenly she’s frumpy and disheveled.  Whatever.  This pen is a saver!

Seven.  Oil blotting papers because, for me, even this type of shine can be a distraction.

Eight.  A suit jacket that can be worn in case there’s an emergency appearance at court (if your weight fluctuates make sure you try it on every six months).

Nine.  Suitable court shoes (see above).

Ten.  If you wear makeup, then the one favorite makeup piece that perks your face right up.  Maybe it’s mascara or a nice lipstick, but keep on hand something that you use that makes you feel more put together.  I always like adding a touch of a soft, colored lipstick which is light enough to not overwhelm me, but brings some life back into my face.

All this fits (minus the clothes) in a medium sized makeup travel pack and can be stored easily in a drawer at work.  A simple way to always stay prepared and looking good at work!