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What to Take on Your Next Work Trip

I don’t actually travel a ton for work (thankfully!) so if you travel a ton this list will probably look cute, but I am not in that hardcore travel life so the things I take when I go on a work trip are pretty basic because most of my trips are short one or two night trips.

But for those of us that travel occasionally there are a few things I have to take with me to make the trip more comfortable.

One. Exercise gear. I’m not about to front and act like I use the hotel gym when I travel because I don’t and I’m not sorry about it. Instead, I bring workout clothes (sans shoes) so that I can do yoga in my hotel room. It’s more of reactionary care to make up for the sedentary hours I spent in a car or plane. Most of my travel requires 6+hour car rides so the stretching makes such a difference. I’ll just do a quick 30 minute session and call it a day.

Two. Tea and fruit. Super random, but I like to bring fruit (apples or cuties) and tea with me when I travel. The fruit helps ensure that I won’t only eat junk food on the road. I have tea in the morning or at night, depending on how I feel. I know people live and die by coffee, but having some tea to wind down really helps especially because I am a night owl and left to my own devices I wouldn’t go to bed until 2am each night.

Three. Skincare products. I am like so serious about skincare, it’s borders obsession. I don’t skip, even when I travel, and actually I go doubly hard if I’ve flown because airplane flight means hella dry skin. I bring travel size of whatever I’m using along with something extra to either cleanse my skin and/or help add more moisture to it.

Four. Journal. I almost always bring reading materials with me, but I make it a point to bring a journal, especially if I’m traveling solo. Unless you live alone, it’s rare to have a long stretch of time with just your thoughts. I love taking this time to write out plans for the future, pros and con lists for problems that are bothering me, etc etc. Even if you don’t journal frequently, I recommend taking one when you’re traveling and give it a whirl. It may be a perfect outlet for your thoughts.

What are some of your must-haves when you travel for work?