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Latina Lawyer Gift Guide 2017

So I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I totally use the holiday season as an excuse to buy things for myself. Wooops. Secret is out. But I can’t be the only one! In the past, I’ve shared basic/classic items that all new attorneys and law students would like–and those are all still solid choices. But, this year I thought I’d share some of the items that I have been constantly using and that translate into easy gifts for either new attorneys or law students:

  1. Statement earrings. I really love statement earrings at the moment. They aren’t too distracting–like some of my noisy statement necklaces, but add so much to an outfit. I especially like the bauble earrings (and anything cobalt) and reach for this whenever I’m wearing all black.
  2. Casual suit jackets. I live for my H&M relaxed fit suit jacket. I know my situation is unique because my place is super casual so for firms this may not work, but maybe for evening events? I wear the jackets for presentations or networking events rather than day to day. I just like that it’s not as stuffy as a suit jacket but gives polish to an outfit–plus it goes great with jeans, which is basically the legal aid uniform!
  3. Wall art. I’ve very slowly put together an wall gallery in my office that I love. Each piece is really important to me, and this year I added an amazing print that I picked up in L.A. It literally calls everyone’s attention when they walk into my space. If your friend (totally you) needs some art for their space, I can’t recommend the prints from PearMama enough. They are gorgeous!
  4. Office supplies. If art isn’t your style, then totally consider some unique office supplies. I love my gold scissors (surprising how often you need scissors as an attorney!) and they are an easy gift to give a new attorney. You can’t go wrong with cute office supplies!
  5. Cute lunch tote. I am on the struggle bus in taking my lunch (I used to be so much better!) but having a cute lunch tote definitely guilts me into taking my lunch more often. I love my watermelon bag from Old Navy (of all places). I like that is structured, as opposed to the looser lunch bags.
  6. Hair products. Ok, I get that these aren’t gifts you’d give your random secret santa, but entre amigas, these are totally options! I find that my hair gets a lot more heat damage than when I was a student so now I try to use products to keep it as moisturized and healthy as possible. I love Shea Moisture’s light (super light) hairspray (plus love the rose smell).  I use it when I’ve curled or waved my hair and it helps keep a light hold, without piling my hair with product. But any product that helps with heat or texture is a winner!
  7. Eye care. It’s no secret that our lives are stressful and, sadly, our eyes often show those signs first. I use different eye creams depending on what I feel my skin needs, but my eye cream holy grail is the Estee Lauder’s night serum. I mean, I hope your friend isn’t offended if you give them skincare (I would be thrilled!) but ppl are sensitive so tread carefully here lol
  8. Good nails. There’s just something about nicely manicured hands! Of course, if you can’t swing getting it done professionally (because hello $$$) then the key for a manicure that lasts is a great top coat. I love the essie gel top coat, it makes my polish last FOREVER. This, plus one or two cute colors is a perfect little gift.
  9. The best lips. By far, my best discovery in 2017 was Vive Cosmetics lippies. Another amazing LA find. They launched this past spring, are Latina-owned, have cute colors, and do.not.smudge. at all. Have you tried them? I bought some as a gift, but totally bought more for myself. They’re just too good!

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