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What’s a Weekend? Use Your Break Wisely

One of the things that law school stole from me is the ability to take a nap. During law school, I just couldn’t nap from the anxiety of having something “more important” to do. Now, that I’m far out of law school, I barely ever nap and I totally blame law school for that. I hope you come out better than I did. But for a lot of people, it’s break time and that means a lot of napping and other fun things! Most of us are either at break from school or there’s a lull at work (or even better, you’re on paid vacation–holla!).

I’m taking time off before the year ends and I’m so excited! Many of you may have already packed your schedules with things to do or netflix shows to binge, but just in case you need a few pointers here are some must-dos during your break:

One. Take a moment to thank your supporters. Whether it’s family or friends or a partner–make sure to acknowledge the help they gave you these past few months. We don’t succeed in a vacuum and everyone’s porras and support helps you get to the finish line.

Two. Take a moment to check in with yourself. Was the semester harder than you thought? Was ensuring you were at the right billing level prove to be a little more difficult than last year? Did family issues/relationships/illnesses impact your ability to work at full capacity? Take a day to assess how you’re doing. Are there things that need to change? What can you do to make the next semester/quarter better for you?

Three. Take a moment to celebrate! Every year results in something to be happy about it and you should acknowledge your hard work and your achievements. Did you finish your first semester of law school? or have just one more to go? Did you reach a professional milestone? Assess your year and tell yourself good job.

And I’ll start–good job for believing you could succeed in this profession that is not made for us. Good job for giving it your best effort, good job for echandole ganas, for striving to seguir adelante regardless of what life has thrown your way!



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