Sidebar: Where to Even Start

The title says it all. I have been hemming and hawing since the beginning of the year about work. I didn’t really know where I was heading and I was a little nervous about the outcome.

Let me start at the beginning. For New Year’s I made getting a new position one of my goals. I had hoped it would be something new at work, but wasn’t sure and I was pushing myself that if nothing was coming I would start looking for other work outside my agency. I wanted to stay but knew that even though I loved my agency, my clients, my team, and the work that I had kind of reached the limit of growth in my current position. So I started working towards something new.

And boy it was work…I got passed up for a promotion, tried to work with management to see if there were other ways to use my skills, started looking at outside leads, and then after what seems like a lot of random occurrences, there was an opportunity to apply for a supervisor role at my work. I thought really hard about applying because for a lot of reasons I wasn’t sure if this was for me. But ultimately I did go for it and was selected.

So it’s still a little surreal, but I’m slowly becoming accustomed to and am excited about this next step.

I’m really glad that I made money moves these past few months and was proactive and vocal about what I wanted rather than just hoping that because I do good work that would be enough.

It has also kicked me into gear about my other goals. Like my other goals are health/blog related–literally all things that I completely control. So if I could accomplish getting a new position for this year, then I can for sure start posting more on youtube and add more exercise to my week lol.


Ok–so that was work.

Life was just as busy! We had cinco de mayo, we went to Tampa for my cousin’s graduation, and went to Mole de Mayo. Ok so not super duper hectic but fun.

first rooftop happy hour
cinco de mayo guac
high school graduation lewks
grad gifts
mole de mayo
tacos at Mole Fest

oh! one another major change: I’ve started eating breakfast! lol like so simple right? but not really because of course my breakfast is the most complicated thing ever.

I decided to subscribe to Daily Harvest. It’s a food delivery company and they send flash frozen food for you. There’s smoothies, soups, lattes, and other stuff but I picked the smoothies. I don’t buy coffee anymore or the ingredients to make green juice at home (which I would always buy at the grocery store and then end up never using) so I think it evens out, but it is still a little pricy. But hopefully I can keep it going. The smoothies are super tasty and keep me full until lunch (big difference from before where I ate NO breakfast and just kept longing for 12oclock lol).

So that is major and I love it. If you want to try it–use this code to get three free cups!¬† (I only get free cups if you decide to keep the subscription going).

Skin and Makeup:

I got so much sun these past few weekends that I have been using any and every moisturizing sheet mask available to keep my skin from getting too dry.

I also randomly purchased some buxom lippies and omg, I love them. The gloss is just so perfect, not too sticky, and long lasting. majorly recommend them!

What do you use post-beach/pool to keep your skin from getting dry?

Also can’t forget–Javert’s 6th Birthday!! <3



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